Buying a Home in Colorado

Why Work with a Buyer Agent to Buy a Home?  Why Not Call the Listing Agent to Negotiate a Better "Deal"?

  • A Buyer’s Agent works solely on behalf of the buyer to promote the interests of you, the buyer.  Your interests are professionally represented with NO RISK.
  • There is NO COST to you, the Buyer – all Commissions are paid by the Seller – the Listing Agent pays the Buyer’s Agent’s Commission --  So a Buyer Agent works for your interest without costing you a Penny.
  • Sellers typically negotiate with their Listing Agent up front for reduced commission for working directly with a Buyer for their home.  Buyers RARELY see the benefits of reduced commission for on Agent working both sides of the sale.
  • The Listing Agent lists the home as the SELLER’S AGENT,  and their primary goal is to sell the home – NOT get YOU the best deal.
  • As Buyer’s Agents, we conduct thorough research on an area of interest for our Buyer Clients.  We contact Expired and Withdrawn Listings and find properties that might not be listed.
  • Buyer Agents Work For YOU with NO COST to You! 

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